Enhancement Libido – For Females

Apart from being responsible for creating life, sexual union is an experience that gives humans pleasure, a sense of closeness and gratification. Many persons, both men and women, often face a number of sexual problems that deprive them of the coveted pleasure which, in turn, adversely affects different areas of their life. That is when they start looking for “sexual enhancement,” applying various products and supplements in the form of creams, pills, drugs, gels, herbs and alleged aphrodisiacs. These products enhance one’s ability to get involved in sexual intercourse, and help one derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction out of the experience. Danh gia Rocket 1h

Sexual problems are of three types: 1) physiological, 2) psychological and 3) social. These categories or types can be interrelated, with the first giving rise to the second and the second ultimately resulting in the third.

Until recently, it was believed that most sexual problems were psychological in nature. The latest research has, however, exploded that myth and proved that most of the problems are physiological and can be solved through proper medication or surgery.

For males, sexual problems usually are erectile impotence, now called “erectile dysfunction,” loss of libido, premature ejaculation and ejaculatory impotence, i.e., failure to ejaculate in coitus. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by chronic illness or the side effects of some drugs. Other factors like cardiovascular problems, excessive smoking, obesity and high cholesterol can also cause this dysfunction. For young males, the cause is largely psychological, while for older people, the cause is most likely to be physical.

For females, the most common problems are lack of orgasm, lack of interest, vaginismus making penetration difficult, and painful coitus. It’s the older women who often suffer from lack of desire caused by reductions in the level of testosterone and other hormones. Mental depression or stress can also cause a lack of libido.

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